Why just startup, when you can STARup? Yes, it’s time!

Posted on June 1, 2016 by ah! Ventures

India, the land of mighty, with $1.42 billion already invested in the start-up ecosystem in the first quarter itself of 2016, has no dearth of disruptive start-ups being born every single minute of the day and none whatsoever of enthusiastic individuals eagerly waiting to discuss & debate them.

Mirroring the practice in the western markets, India has recently become one of the largest and the most active hubs in terms of organizing start-up events. But with the statistics of three to four start ups being born every day, are these events turning into a run of the mill phenomenon with no focus on what additional or unique benefit they offer to the attendees?

This is a question definitely worth considering.

Indian start-ups have made an impact on how the world views it through the entrepreneurial lens and ah! Ventures, the catalyst that has always strived towards bringing together promising businesses and investors, is now set to create a platform on a scale never seen before. We believe that The Entrepreneurs, The Investors and The Enablers, who make the key stakeholders and the cornerstones of the start-up ecosystem of India need to expand their vision and envisage a future that makes them a messiah for what they represent.

It’s time to go beyond standing up.
It’s time to go beyond starting up.
It’s time to go beyond scaling up.

It’s time to now.. STARup.

With the view to be the ladder that every deserving enterprise or entity needs, to attain the limelight it deserves, ah! Ventures for the very first time introduces, STARup 2016 – an event that is poised to be the biggest and the best startup summit, India has ever seen.

Because, we believe, if you are going to think of being ‘SOMETHING’, think of being ‘SOMETHING BIG’!  

STARup, as a startup summit, has been specifically designed by the brightest minds of the country. This summit offers to its attendees and participators value beyond par. The thought that has gone behind the crafting of the event, rests on it being unique and tailor-made for each of the core cornerstones of the ecosystem. The event entails thought properties, introduced for the first time in the history of start-up events across the globe:  

  • Exclusive ‘Invitation–only’ participation: The summit is for the best 300 entrepreneurs, 150 investors and 50 corporate representatives.
  • Focused and Sector dedicated tracks: First time ever a start-up event designed around 4 dedicated verticals:
    Financial Technology
    Healthcare Technology
    Emerging Technology
    Platforms & Aggregators
  • Reverse Pitching Sessions :  A first time ever proposition, wherein the investor shall be reverse pitching to the entrepreneur.
  • Idea and Startup Showcase: Handpicked idea & growth stage sector-agnostic start-ups from national & international arena to showcase their innovations to investors.

STARup, is not merely an event that encourages networking but is a summit where the best minds of the industry come together, to create something big and take the first step towards making a mark for the future enterprises to follow.

It is a stage set for the entrepreneurs to test and validate their business ideas and get a golden opportunity to be mentored by stalwarts from the respective fields.

Even as an investor, there is no better platform to connect with the enterprising and enthusiastic entrepreneurs of today. For the Enablers, it is truly the best of both worlds. With a chance to connect simultaneously with the two ends of the start-up spectrum – The Entrepreneurs and The Investors, STARup is set to be a summit worth celebrating.

If by now, you are bursting with enthusiasm (which we are sure, you are!) and cannot think of a single reason, not to be part of an event this magnificent, we would urge you to wait no longer. Register for the biggest and the best start-up summit of all times.

You Stood up, you Started up, you Scaled up. Now #ItsTime to #STARup!

Event: STARup 2016 by ah! Ventures
Date: September 17th, 2016
Venue: IIT Powai, Mumbai
For more Information & Registrations: http://ahv.fyi/starup

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