ah! Ventures continues to be a driver in India’s Start-up Space – Supporting the Start-up Launchpad by K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, 17th February 2017!

Posted on February 15, 2017 by ah! Ventures

Mumbai |February 15, 2017

ah! Ventures, one of the key players in the Indian start-up space, is taking a big stride forward in the Indian Entrepreneurship environment by playing a key supporting role to an upcoming national level management and cultural fest Melange by KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research. The flagship event – The Startup Launchpad is scheduled at the institute in Mumbai on February 17th.

Melange @ KJ SIMSR

Melange is a proud creation and marvellous emblem of the competency, enthusiasm and dedication of the students of SIMSR over the last 15 years.

The event has grown and bettered itself with time, to reach new heights and touch new milestones. It offers a plethora of cultural, management and informal elements, which make Melange an amalgamation of opportunities that is extremely hard to miss.

Get Set Startup!

The theme of Melange 2017 is “Get Set Startup!”. Anyone who is looking to invest today has their eyes on many of the numerous Start Ups in existence. All one needs to get going is an idea and more importantly, the zeal and willingness to go the extra mile, to bring the idea to life. Feeding this entrepreneurial fever, Melange 2017 aims to include everything that students and corporates, big or small, look for in a management event like this.

Among other events we have the Start Up Launchpad to help foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among this generation’s best minds. This is event which will attract participation from 20-25 Start Ups across domains like FinTech, AgTech, HealthTech, EdTech afn logistics to name a few.

The Startup Launchpad

The Startup Launchpad is the flagship event of K J SIMSR ‘s Melange. It aims to provide upcoming Startups a platform to interact with investors and venture capitalists and possibly get their idea funded by them. In addition to this they are presented with the opportunity to be a part of an enthralling space where they can unveil their innovations, market their ideas and get in touch with young adopters and supporters. Our sponsor Choice is also giving away credits worth INR 50,000 for financial and legal aid to the most promising ideas.

Supporting upcoming ventures

This is the first year ah! Ventures is participating in such an event organised by a premier B School and is expected to add a lot of value to the content and proceedings.  In addition to this ah! Ventures brings with it the extensive network of start-ups under its radar. Whether it is an idea that you have or the money to invest, ah! Ventures connects you to the right persons so that you don’t miss out on life changing opportunities.

All queries regarding partnership opportunities and speaking requests should be addressed to kjsimsr_corporatecommunicationcell.melange@somaiya.edu or by placing a call to 9899599305/9769482539

ah! Ventures

ah! Ventures brings the power of funding an idea within reachable limits. Renowned as one of the best private equity clubs, CLUB ah! has been the hand behind many successful global investments. CLUB ah! provided detailed analysis on consumption and investing models. In association with ah! Ventures, one can hope to be a part of the best ideas and create an enviable investment portfolio.

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