ah! Ventures partners with Startup Tunnel; Supporting Startup Tunnels upcoming 3rd Annual Event Slingshots 2017 on 17th February!

Posted on February 15, 2017 by ah! Ventures

Mumbai | February 15, 2017

ah ! Ventures, one of the key players in the Indian start-up space, is taking a big stride forward in the Indian alternative investment universe by playing a key supporting role to Startup Tunnel’s largest gathering of alternative investment professionals, limited partners, entrepreneurs, alternative investment funds and private wealth professionals at the upcoming 3rd Annual Slingshots 2017, scheduled at Startup Tunnel in Chattarpur, New Delhi on February 2017.

This year Slingshots is opening up the question of how to build products, solutions and businesses for use by the next 100 million urban Indians, who already possess smartphones, data connections and now increasingly digital payments mechanisms.

The event will bring together 25+ speakers from the cadre of marquee investors, serial entrepreneurs and domain experts from diverse backgrounds to share their views and opinions because we believe two heads are better than one.

Promise of a Dynamic Flow of Events

Akin to the success of the preceding Slingshots in the years 2015 and 2016, this event promises to bring more to the table. Through the course of the day we will have a host of panels mentioned below to explore the theme further.

2.00 PM Inaugural Panel: Is the 100 Million Real?

3.00 PM Panel: Cleantech as a Scalable Sector?

3.45 PM Counter Theses: The Unpopular Opinions of Star Investors

4.30 PM Startups Showcase: MrMed, PoolWallet, Agencyonnet, Tranxact, Bookmybank, Junkart

5.45 PM Revisiting our Ecosystem

6.30 PM Cocktails and Live Band

The Royal Platter of Keynote Speakers

The summit will be opened with a few words by Dr. Aditya Dev Sood. He said, “Slingshots is a unique event, where we bring together the larger startup community. This year our focus is on the next 100 million Indian users, who are now using smartphones for both i.e. income generation as well as to avail services. We’ll also be focusing on what are the success factors for accelerators in India today, we’re releasing the accelerator impact report, which organizes the data from the last 3 cohorts of Startup Tunnel’s operation and releasing that in the public domain” Some of the keynote speakers among many, who will grace the event are Kartik Desai, Asha Impact; Sumesh Menon, U20pia; Prakhar Agarwal, Vilcap Ventures; Prajakt Raut, Applyifi; Santhosh Ramdoss, MSDF; Nalin Agarwal, New Energy Nexus; Sandeepan Banerjee, Silicon Valley Investor.

Various aspects of the Next 100 Million, including opportunities to expand further to serve the remaining 100 million will be discussed in greater detail. The event will aim to ask and answer through an annual gathering of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs well known as ‘Slingshots.’ This event is a live conversation about building the future. We host and curate the unpopular opinions of leading investors through the popular ‘Counter Thesis’ platform. We feature emerging sector and verticals where panelists join issue with one another about how it will develop. We feature promising new startups with a new story or model to share that we can all learn from.

Startup Tunnel has organized to have panels through the course of the day to discuss the sectors that have the potential to bring about innovative and disruptive solutions in areas of clean-tech and health-tech. Domain expert and investors, funds from the domain will be called upon to deliberate about the scope of sectors.

ah! Ventures

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