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Posted on March 22, 2017 by ah! Ventures

Mumbai|March 22, 2017

ah! Ventures, one of the key players in the Indian start-up space, is talking further big stride forward in supporting the TEDxBandra, a one-day conference is happening on 26 March at Rang Mandir, Bandra(W). It is a platform where scientists, authors, educators, musicians, and people from a variety of hues come together and talk about intellectually stimulating ideas, and issues that matter.

TED is a global foundation devoted to “Ideas worth spreading”. Founded in 1984, TED began as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged. Since then, its scope has become broader, covering almost all topics; from science to business to global issues. TED is a platform and a global movement focused on meaningful change through the power of ideas!

TEDxBandra, a TEDx event happening at Bandra, Mumbai; will host a series of talks that strive to bring people together and also discuss on giving back to the Bandra community.
Bandra is a suburban Village, located at Western Mumbai. A cultural extravaganza starts right from street arts, extending audaciously to community places. Bandra is the heart of Mumbai, where music reverberates at each and every corner. It is a hub for numerous restaurants, bars and pubs. From Bandstand Kisses to Sea link drives, Star homes to a shopper’s Paradise. Bandra is all about Food, fashion, Music, Movies, Experiences, Stories, People and Events. Hence It is aptly called the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’. And this is what TEDxBandra wants to bring out on the stage.

“The idea of TEDxBandra is to provide a platform to the Bandra community where everyone can promote cultural exchange,” Says Dhairya Sathvara who is currently the curator for the conference.

The Theme for this year’s conference is ‘Unilateral Act, Universal Impact’ celebrates the fact that how a simple idea if executed perfectly can have a universally larger impact. This happens once the idea reaches its tipping point and becomes viral. A unilateral act can ignite millions, a voice can move a country, and a single action inspires people beyond boundaries. More than 18 speakers will be joining on stage at TEDxBandra and participate in this one extravaganza. The conference will also showcase performances by various artistes.

A unilateral act can inspire millions, a single voice can move a country, and some actions pushes us beyond boundaries. At TEDxBandra we will explore this theme in a myriad of aspects from Technology, Design, Education, Psychology, Basic Human Rights, Art, Music, and Business to Medicine and much more, and accelerate the discussion of how one idea can change the world.

Speakers such as Shaheen Mistri, Puja Marwaha, Vaibhav Lodha, Raghu Raman, Rushva Parihar, Jas Charanjiva, Ajeet Khurana, Puja Marwaha and many more shall be voicing out their thoughts and shall enlighten us about their journey of universal impact.

TED is all about Technology, Entertainment and Design, and to add to that it also resonates with the idea of Thought Leadership. The vision of TED is to spread ideas, and that is how ah! Ventures steps in to support this conference promoting thought leaders in various fields.

TEDxBandra is new but in fact it is the biggest area licenses for TEDx in the country. Come be a part of this journey and experience this event. You can register on TEDxBandra website www.tedxbandra.in

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