The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Posted on September 27, 2018 by ah! Ventures

One of the characteristics of a person that cannot be taught in work or in life is the entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit is a part of who we are and forms over time. Not everybody gets this characteristic in themselves, but only those who demonstrate a true passion for building or inventing something, like a product or a service, for the benefits of other people. One must be willing to push oneself to the limits to achieve big goals and these are the people who are hired by entrepreneurs. To exhibit the qualities of having the entrepreneurial spirit, no one needs to own a billion-dollar business or have as many people interested in their company like Facebook does. Entrepreneurship is all about showcasing your approach to life and career on an everyday basis.

Passion is what matters the most. A person, especially an entrepreneur who is passionate about what he/she has to offer wins at life. Passionate people are the ones who understand and know what it is like to dive deep into a subject completely. Only then is someone energized by any challenge that stands their way when the entrepreneur is genuinely passionate about solving the problems his/her company is facing? The time to pause and reflect comes whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority. Entrepreneurs aim at making ordinary things better when normal people couldn’t care less and are happy with how they work. Going against the majority to make changes and continuously questioning why things are doing the way they currently are two very impressive traits of an entrepreneur. Make calculative moves even when you’re not sure about the scope of success. There is never any guarantee of success until the final product or service is brought forward. Being optimistic about all possibilities is what it means to be entrepreneurial by nature. The problem is not what cannot be done by you, ask yourself, “Why can’t I?” Look for candidates and build your team with people who get excited by the idea of aggressive challenges and big goals. These are the people who will push your boundaries and achieve what was once thought to be impossible.

Aspiring entrepreneurs always seek advice on their untested ideas. It is best to first test your ideas and then go to people to get real feedback. Ideas are basically meaningless until they are acted upon. Always remember that execution is everything when it comes down to success or failure and that is the true spirit of an entrepreneur. No matter what the circumstances are, have the drive to execute at all times and surround yourself with people who believe that you can achieve what you want to.

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