Some truths about being an entrepreneur

Posted on March 4, 2019 by ah! Ventures

If you are on the path of being an entrepreneur, you must really know what it is like to be one. A real entrepreneur knows that being one is not always tied to wealth neither is it glamourous. This journey is a difficult one and hence, is not pursued by each and every person. Only those who are able to think out of the box become successful and become great entrepreneurs. Here is some advice and some truths about being one:

  1. Zero guarantee of success

Every person fails at some point or the other in life. And wanting to be an entrepreneur does not guarantee success. If you do not fail, it is because you are not taking enough risk.

  1. Be careful with the whole money raising thing

Money raising is not an easy thing to do, especially for a startup. Make sure to bring your business organically to this crossroad. Also, be careful not to get ahead of this all by yourself.

  1. Luck plays no role

The success of a person does not depend on his or her luck. Every person makes their own luck through hard work and strategical planning. Work tirelessly at what you are passionate about and you are surely to get success for the same.

  1. Hard decision making

You will have to make hard decisions; it is like firing your best friend or removing a co-founder. This is how hard situations will get. Whatever you decide to do, list all the pros and cons of the happenings before making any decision. And never let your heart get in the way of such decisions.

  1. There will ALWAYS be haters

It is you who has taken a huge risk, not others. There will be people around you who will tell you how you are wasting your life. But the truth is that you are actually making your life better. Never lose hope due to hate that you receive and always be passionate about your goal.

  1. Risk everything in business

It is okay to risk everything in your business but never these four – family, health, friends and spirit.

  1. Never QUIT

There will be days when you would want to quit everything and go back to your corporate job. Never lose your entrepreneurial spirit during these days – think how far you have come! You are closer to the finish line than those who have not even started yet. It is normal to feel like quitting, but do not do so.

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