Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. However, finding investors who share your vision is a project in itself. According to industry estimates, only six out of 1,000 business plans get funded on an average. Only about 5 per cent of the business plans are read beyond the executive summary and 10 per cent of proposals pass initial screening. Only and only 10 per cent of these screened proposals pass due diligence and receive funding.

These odds may be daunting, but not insurmountable. At ah! Ventures, our approach towards funding is a little different - we believe in putting our money only in ideas that we truly believe in. We believe in trusting our entrepreneurs and in providing support though industry specific mentoring, partner skills and networks to take their business to the next level. We also believe in creating an environment of mutual cooperation and hand-holding, where pressures and challenges are met together and blame games have no place.

Our services are geared towards helping you achieve your business objectives, and in doing so, achieving ours. Our service offerings include:

The road from having a brilliant idea to creating a profitable business is a long and arduous one. Many an idea has died an early death due to gaps in knowledge, experience or bad decision making at the hands of the entrepreneur. The Indian business environment is a complex one with many variables at play and as in any environment, things can take an ugly, unexpected turn. An entrepreneur needs to equip himself with the right knowledge, tools, experience, network and accrue as many advantages as possible in the shortest time possible.

This is where we step in. Be it valuation of your product or business, recruiting the right people, making connections, path breaking deals, strategic alliances and projects, assistance with compliance, legal and tax issues, or simply filling in temporary gaps in managerial skill, at ah!, we cater to it all. With our panel of industry experts and our wide network of professionals from every cross section of skills, domain experience and knowledge, we are your one-stop shop.

Each business has a unique set of needs, especially so at the beginning. Catering to these specific needs requires an equally specific skill set. The management of an enterprise in its nascent stage lays the foundation for future growth, or eventual decline. When stakes are this high, it is prudent to bank on experts.

At ah! we have professionals experienced in various stages of start ups in nearly every industry. Be it an advisory panel, project based needs or permanent employees, we can fill in the gaps for you. These professionals bring to the table that added experience, domain understanding and the ability to face any curveball the market may throw at you - giving your business that extra edge. Taking your idea from start up to Public Listing, made just a little bit easier.

Human capital is often the biggest determinant of a venture's success. It is often the most overlooked as well. No person, no matter how qualified or experienced, is ever tailor made for a role. They may be a close match, but not perfect. When you're working to create even the smallest of advantages in critical factors, it is the development of human capital that provides the highest ROI.

Be it filling in gaps in knowledge and experience, developing new attitudes and approaches, or simply adopting a higher standard of quality and efficiency, we can help you and your employees reach your highest potential. Developing a team that can be relied upon to meet challenges head-on isn't easy, but with our team of mentors and consultants, we can provide them with the tools, skills and knowledge required to get them started; to gain momentum; or to make quantum leaps in areas that make a tangible difference to your business. Why settle for less?

For a business to grow and mature into its own, it requires a workspace that is not just conducive to the nature of business but also combines convenience, accessibility, and all the amenities crucial to the day to day running of the enterprise. Finding the perfect location, modifying it to suit your needs, and most importantly, doing so within budget is an onerous task, especially when there are other, more pressing demands on your time and talent.

With ah! Ventures Incubation service, you can circumvent these hassles and go directly to the pleasant step of entering a made-to-order office space. From office stationery to a dedicated VOIP line, we take on the task of organising everything you need, so you can keep your eye on the prize.

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