ah! Ventures Mobile App

India is fast creating a brand name for itself, as a start-up hub, on a global platform. With numerous start-ups blooming every single day, the mammoth entrepreneurial enthusiasm and the scope for innovation is increasing at a rocketing speed. Despite the flourishing start-up scenario, with increase in the number of innovative entrepreneurs and astute investors, there seems to be a crucial gap between the two stakeholders. The lack of an entity that would be the pivotal bridge between the entrepreneur and the right investor (and vice versa) is a crucial missing link of this ecosystem. With this insight and an enthusiastic urge to be the perfect conduit between all the stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem, was born ah! Ventures - India's only Pro Entrepreneur Network.

Since its inception in 2012, ah! Ventures, spearheaded by Founder and CEO Harshad Lahoti and Co-Founder Abhijeet Kumar, has conquered numerous milestones. With an intensive network of 800+ investors, 15000 entrepreneurs and a whopping 100 crores of investment raised till date, ah! Ventures has strived to be the best guiding hand for the all the players in this ecosystem.

With a view to take this vision ahead and create an offering that further simplifies an entrepreneur's search for the right investor, was born the ah! Ventures Mobile App. The core idea behind creating a unique app like this was to aid entrepreneurs in not only assisting them in connecting with the entrepreneurs but also helping them network with fellow entrepreneurs. With a product like this, we aim to put an end to the stringent classroom relation between the entrepreneurs and the investors and rather make it a two way street, wherein both the entities can effectively have their share of voice.

From viewing all mandates and investors, who have shown interest, to connecting with fellow entrepreneurs or service providers for profitable synergies, this app functionally enriches the entrepreneur to make better business decisions. Apart from the perks for the entrepreneurs, it always proves highly beneficial to the investors as well. From networking among the investor community to easy access to various entrepreneurs, this app provides a holistic advantage to an investor willing to invest his resources in quality enterprises.

Over and above the currently active core and add on services, we plan to enhance the offerings by providing many such entrepreneurially requisite services in the legal, finance, branding and many more domains with packages at extremely convenient costs. We believe that a change is required in the way the entrepreneurial relationships work in the start-up ecosystem. By being the torchbearer in changing the structure of these relationships, ah! Ventures aims to make India, a land known for its quality entrepreneurship, par excellence innovation and fruitful synergies.