In the volatile markets of today many an investor has lost faith, and more. Return on investment often doesn't justify the risk. Secure investment vehicles take away liquidity, and once again, the returns do not cover inflationary corrections. Savvy investors are often on the lookout for promising young businesses that provide returns manifold of initial investment. However, such risk taking is limited to the few.

This is where the Ah! Venture model adds the most value. We bring to you businesses that have been evaluated by our stringent standards, and have the potential to grow into tomorrow's giants. Through our pool approach, we are able to provide these opportunities to several investors who otherwise, would be limited to the more sedate investment options. We work to keep your investment secure through our involvement in each of the businesses we invest in, and provide our expertise wherever needed to help each project to grow to its fullest potential.

By bringing together young businesses and investors; our own expertise and experience; panels of industry experts and a wide net of professionals from every cross section of skill, knowledge and experience; we are able to create opportunities for wealth creation for everyone involved. Our services include:

In order to accurately calculate the value of a growing company, numerous quantifiable and non-quantifiable factors need to be analysed. The management, the market situation, the science & technology in use and available form the base factors for such analysis.

At ah!, valuations are performed on companies as well as individual products using accepted and proven methods appropriate to the situation of the company or product. Valuation reports are created per the requirements of the investors as well as entrepreneurs and contain detailed assessments of all relevant factors involved in necessary decision making.

Of course, all information provided to us is treated confidentially.

In the same way that companies put potential employees through a psychometric exam to assess the softer, human factors in addition the facts presented in a resume, we at ah! Ventures assess companies and products through Venture Analytics. In simple terms, Venture Analytics is a measure of the potential earning capacity of the company, as well as its ability to handle curveballs thrown at it. In essence, it can be used as a prediction tool, preferably in conjunction with the Venture Valuation report.

In addition to providing a greater insight into the company, Venture Analytics is able to represent the company as a living, breathing entity - with its strengths and challenges, as well as its ability to capitalise on and overcome these respectively. Armed with the ability to judge the potential of a new business, decision making can be a surer, more trusting process that saves you time, and makes you money.

Making investments is a daunting task - balancing risk factors, timing the market, calculating returns... it gets tiresome and mind numbing. Which is why, we at ah! like to keep it simple. There are two ways you can invest with us: through the investor pool, and directly into the business. While we recommend first time investors invest through the pool, the direct approach is open to all.

In the direct approach, we link investors to businesses whose models have been scrutinised by us, and are worthy of a recommendation. We then continue to support investors in a consultant capacity on all analyses and decision making related to their investment.

The pool approach allows investors who have been limited to standard, run-of-the-mill investment products, an opportunity to create wealth at a much higher rate than they are currently experiencing. With our simplified approach, it is easy for every investor to find an investment product suited to their time, return, and risk needs.

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